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Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. That is why gifts for glof loversare a big thing these days. Placing your business logo on golf gifts is sure to drive branding opportunities your way.

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Why golf’s popularity is growing

The interest in golf — particularly among women — has steadily grown in recent years for several reasons. 

Swinging golf clubs outside on a sunny day with friends is relaxing. Who could pass that up? Some call it a vacation on the greens: fresh air, camaraderie and competition.

Youth are often introduced to the sport in high school and take their passion for golf with them into adulthood. If student-athletes are good enough, golf can become a career or an avenue to cut college costs through scholarships.

Today there are thousands of golfers who have never ventured outdoors to play the game. Golf simulators, indoor driving ranges and golf-themed video games make the sport doable for many. Some golf enthusiasts prefer these virtual games to avoid pricey green fees. They also value the opportunity to play in any weather. 

Clearly, tech advances have made golf enticing to new groups of people and ultimately contributed to its rising popularity.

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